About Us

We Love What We Do

Plank & Hide is a lifestyle entertainment furniture design and distribution operation based in Cincinnati, OH. Our product team spans the globe, leaving no stone unturned to bring you the very best in Outdoor lifestyle and Indoor entertainment furniture. Our mission is simple: To consistently and effectively deliver functional, luxury furniture at best-in-class value to market each year. We thrive on designing and manufacturing beautiful furniture and support that goal every step of the way.

Authentic Design

Functional furniture must be fashionable, comfortable, and easy to maintain, while both elegant and entertaining. Timeless and inspired furnishings for all seasons. See our latest Collection Handbook.

Unique Materials

Plank & Hide Co. searches the globe to bring only the best materials and artisan craftsmanship to market. Products that excite.


Design, engineering and manufacturing teams are comprised of the best of the best, seasoned craftsmen with one goal: to build exceptional furniture.

Residential and Commercial

Plank & Hide Co. strives to create cohesive and functional environments, whether for the backyard or a five-star resort. Classic, durable, and fashionable, no matter what the setting.

Supply Chain

Our management team pushes for logistics efficiencies by setting minimum quality and performance standards, at or below market-rate costs.

Sales and Support

Plank & Hide Co. sales and support teams are friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to support any requirements you may have. Team members are empowered to make customer service decisions.
Thank you for trusting Plank & Hide Co. with your business.